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December 12

This is a spec commercial I shot with my good friend and architect John Osborne. The idea is to have a quick glimpse at a non professional surfer going out of his way to find great inspiration on a great wave.
In this clip I use the name Kamlung. Kamlung is a company in Costa Rica that makes sandals. I use their name in this spect commetial because I love and share the vision and ideas that that company has involving traveling your country to find inspiration and wonderful natural wonders.
For more information on John’s inspirations go to:

For more information on Kamlung sandals go to:

This video was shot on hte Canon XH-A1.

December 12

This spot is shot for Blue Dolphin Catamaran in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
I just came along on a snorkeling/sunset trip and documented and wonders of the life at sea abord the Blue Dolphin.
I also went on a quick helicopter ride to record the boat from a birds eye view. I must say that Guanacaste, Costa Rica is so beautiful from up above. Its mountains and its coastline is amazing!

For more information on the Blue Dolphin go to:‚Äč
This video was shot on the Canon 60D and Sony HDV camera.