Punto de Vista, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

I had been very excited to shoot a wedding at Villa Punto de Vista for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to do it.
Having this incredible villa to shoot from with the surroundings of Manuel Antonio is very much a dream case scenario for me as a filmmaker and most certainly for Kristi and David who pretty much had a perfect wedding full of emotions and beautiful details.
Larissa from Weddings Costa Rica did a job worthy of awe with a wonderful display of great wedding planning and hard work.
It was great to be part of the coming together of these two wonderful families.  Blessings.

Wedding video by: www.jonathanyonkers.com
Assistant/second camera: Johan Pacheco
Wedding photography: http://abritandablonde.com/
Wedding planning: http://www.weddingscostarica.com/
Wedding location: http://www.puntodevistacr.com/