Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


Wedding video by Jonathan Yonkers
Wedding photography by Julie Comfort
Wedding planning by Tropical Occasions

Sarah & Jeremy had a wonderful wedding filled with love, family and friendship. If you were at this wedding, you would have laughed a lot and probably would have shed a few tears too.
It was so much fun to shoot with Sarah & Jeremy! They love each other so much and have so much fun together, that all I had to do was be there and my camera would to the rest as the magic was in the air-at all times!

I can never stress enough on the fact that having a professional wedding planner take care of the events behinds the scenes-hard work makes my life so much easier.  Thus, I can focus on what matters most and always be on the right place at the right time. Thank you Karen and Tropical Occasions team for an other perfect job.

Location: well, its hard to get it wrong! Manuel Antonio is simply spectacular. Add this location to all the goodness above and you get a wonderful story worth living and worth remembering!

Thank you Sarah & Jeremy, I with you the best!!