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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


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Reserva Conchal & Flamingo.


 Hi Jonathan, I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We did upload the video! and it was phenomenal! We played it for all of our 300+ guests Saturday night, and they all absolutely fell in love with the video. Mike and I can not thank you enough for letting us share this video with the people we love, especially the people that could not make it down to Costa Rica. We were a little nervous about the video because those two days felt like a dream come true so we didn’t know if it would translate on film. So you can’t imagine how happy you made us, you honestly captured the moment and made us re-live it! I mean there were tears everywhere…You did a fabulous job. Thank you again. -Sabina & Mike

I have shot many weddings in my lifetime, but with out any hesitation I can say that Sabina & Mike had the most spectacular wedding I have ever seen.
The display of details and activities in this wedding had simply no match. At least not in my books!

Sabina & Mike and their families had nothing but immense love to share. Their presence in Costa Rica and their wedding will be one to remember.
This wedding was incredibly beautiful and fun. I am so happy to have taken part in it.

Big blessings for Sabina & Mike!


Wedding video by Jonathan Yonkers
Assistant: Ernesto Zuñiga
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Wedding planners: (traditional Indian ceremony) (western ceremony)