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Costa Rica wedding photography and video


Who are you guys and who will shoot my wedding?

We are a small group of photographers, filmmakers and editors. Your wedding will be shot by one of our team members who has been properly trained under the specific creative philosophy that delivers the work you see in our website.

Is a highlights video included in my package?

The highlights video is an extra service you can request based on nay of our standard video packages.

What is the structure and editing style of your full-length wedding videos?

Full-length wedding videos are the “documented proof” of everything that happened exactly as it happened. All events shot are edited in the exact order in which they occurred. All cinematography shot before and after the ceremony is edited to music. The wedding ceremony is included in its entirety and it all blends into one full-length wedding video of approximately 12 to 25 minutes in length. Weddings with a religious ceremony can have much longer videos (up to 1 hour) because the ceremony
is included in its entirety.

What is the structure, editing style of your highlights videos?

Highlights videos are artistic films that blend the highlights of your event with gorgeous cinematography and creative editing. All events are edited in no particular order; yet capture your story in a way that is fun, meaningful and easy to share with your family and friends. Highlights videos are 3 to 5 minutes in length.

Do you have examples of full-length wedding videos and highlights videos?

To protect our client’s privacy, we only share highlights videos from previous weddings. Full-length videos are not shared with anyone.

Are your wedding videos shot in full HD 1080p?

Yes. All our video work is shot and delivered in full HD 1080p.

How is my wedding video delivered?

The wedding video is delivered in full HD 1080p, via link for web download. We not deliver or offer wedding videos in DVD as this technology is quickly becoming unpractical and obsolete.

Can we tell you how to shoot and edit our wedding video?

In order to guarantee the quality of work, we reserve the right of having full creative control of our work. This includes and is not limited to shooting style and editing.

Can we choose our music for the video?

Yes, we ask our clients to send us 8 to 10 songs in mp3 or mp4 format. You can send us your choices of music via Dropbox or www.wertransfer.com

What is your delivery time?

Estimated time of delivery is between 8 to 10 weeks after the wedding date.

Can I purchase the raw video footage?

Delivering raw video footage is not a service that is available. The videos we deliver are properly edited, sound edited and color corrected before delivery.

What if my family and friends deliver speeches?

If speeches are delivered at some point during the wedding, they will be shot, edited and delivered to the client as a separate video file in full HD 1080p at no extra charge. Speeches will NOT be included in the main wedding video.

Do you offer meetings before the wedding?

Meetings in person before the wedding is not a service we offer, however, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email, telephone or Skype.